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Technical Dive Team Locates New Dive Site in Lake Pleasant – The Old Waddell Dam Spillway

Phoenix, Arizona, 1/30/2018 – UPDATE – Over the past ten months the team of technical divers at LP Scuba has spent countless hours mapping and surveying this new found site. We will be opening this dive site to technical divers only for the next few months due to the depths of the site being below 130' and the potential for overhead environment at depth.

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Phoenix, Arizona, 2/17/2017 – A team of technical divers at LP Scuba have spent the past few years searching for unknown submerged structures in Lake Pleasant and are excited to announce that they have located the second largest man-made structure ever built at the lake below 140' of water on the lake bottom. Their team of technical divers has spent the past few months diving and mapping this massive site and its structures to better understand the layout and condition of the site as well as to safely prepare it for recreational divers as the lake levels drop to allow the to site to be within recreational scuba depths. This dive site is very much an advanced dive due to the deeper depths and amount of debris, rebar, piping and railing that protrude out from the bottom and sides of the many concrete structures.

As they continue to map the site to determine the best and safest parts to conduct dives on we will update this article. We suggest you check back frequently to see what new things they have discovered both at this site and elsewhere in the lake. Once the site has been fully mapped and the water level reaches recreational diver limits they will then start offering limited trips to the site. Below are a few pictures of some of the objects they’ve encountered over the past few months of surveying the site. They hope to have divers out diving this new found site soon, so check back often for updates!