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LP Scuba has located a New Wreck Diving site in Lake Pleasant!

We are excited to announce that the staff at LP Scuba have located a boat wreck in about 60' of water. We have surveyed the wreck and found it to have been on the bottom for somewhere around 7-8 years. The wreck of the 21 Guns is a 24' sailboat that appears to have sustained damage to the port side hull and then likely took on too much water and sank. She went down and now lays on her starboard side in 60-80' of water. Come explore the mystery and mystique of the inside and outside of this intact wreck.

We will be running charters to dive this wreck as well as holding wreck classes on it immediately. If you want to dive it, please give us a call at 623-512-4735 or signup for a Dive Boat Charter on our website.

Happy and safe diving! See you on the boat!