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It had been over a year in the making as our group of travelers had decided to embark on a scuba journey to Roatan that they would never forget. After a short two hop flight from Phoenix to the tropical island of Roatan and a quick air conditioned bus ride to the resort, we were primed and ready to make a splash and get our week long diving started!

Upon our arrival at the resort we were greeted by the most pleasant front office staff we’ve ever seen! They were so excited to have us there and provided complimentary rum punch and other drinks while they discussed the many activities available at the resort as well as the restaurant & diving processes and schedule of planned events. After we were given all the information and a map of the resort we were escorted to our rooms across the water on the private key via the 24 hour water taxi. The rooms are spacious and well accommodated.

Our diving itinerary included three dives a day over five days, two dives on Friday morning and an additional two night dives during the week as well for a total of 19 boat dives. The resort also has an amazing reef just a few steps from water to snorkel or scuba dive on unlimited throughout your stay. The house reef was teaming with sea life and was a very relaxing shallow dive with a maximum depth of 55’.

Throughout the week our dives started shallow and simple and progressed to slightly deeper reefs, swim thrus and also included two dives on the wrecks of the Aguila and the Odyssey. The amount of sea life on the reefs and wrecks is absolutely stunning. The reefs are teeming with schools of surgeonfish, jacks, grouper, barracuda, chubs, angel fish, turtles and spotted eagle rays just to name a few. At night the reefs came alive with spiny lobsters, slipper lobsters, squid, jellyfish, snapper, shrimp and octopus!

On Tuesday, we took a boat ride to Maya Key to see the animal conservatory, the replica Mayan Ruins and to have an amazing lunch buffet by the pool. Maya Key is predominantly used to rehabilitate injured animals of all types, from birds to panthers as well as dolphins and seals so that they can be returned to their natural habitats.

On Wednesday evening we were treated to an island buffet on the key at the resort. We were entertained with crab races, the limbo competition amongst all the guests and a special dance performed and sang by the locals.

Our last two dives on Friday were perhaps the most exciting of the week! We were taken to a dive site that isn’t on the map of sites used by the resort. Our journey took us an hour south on the boat to a reef that had claimed a steamship in the early 1900s that was still visible on the surface. As we descended we were taken aback by the sheer beauty that the reef had to offer. As this wasn’t a commonly used reef, the sea life was spectacular. There were vast amounts of black durgon triggerfish, green moray eels and spotted eagle rays! Our final dive was done in a site called Devil’s Elbow which starts at about 50’ below and as you follow the sandy bottom it becomes a pathway through the reef wall and into the shallower depths behind the wall were tons of schools of fish, turtles and rays. What an amazing way to end the trip! Our boat Captain and Divemaster were awesome all week long and were always a step ahead of the next request.

As we sat around the table for dinner on the final evening recapping the weeks’ events, the group was more than willing to heap tons of praise on the facility, staff and the trip as a whole. Many of them were asking the question, when are we coming back? Well stay tuned for the answer to that question as we will definitely be returning sooner than later!