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About Us

LP Scuba is committed to having our customers learn to scuba dive in a friendly low pressure environment that’s meant to enhance each student’s learning experience and allows them to feel comfortable and confident both above and below the water. Come for the training, Stay for the fun!

Our Core Values

  • Safety in & out of the water above all else
  • Cultivate relationships over profits
  • Strength and learning through perseverance
  • Treat others the way you desire to be treated
  • Extend grace to those who are teachable
  • Understand the problem before attempting resolution
  • Build a positive team and a family spirit
  • Be adventurous, creative and open minded

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission: To develop confident and proficient scuba divers by working with our customers in the community to provide a standard of excellence in teaching children and adults how to scuba dive safely.

Our Purpose: To deliver consistently excellent scuba instruction and to provide value to our customers, each and every class, each and every day.

Our Vision: To be known as the scuba industry’s leader for providing quality instruction and consistently delivering outstanding customer service to the customers and communities that we serve throughout the world.

Places We Train

We never limit ourselves to training in just one location. There are always options whether local within Phoenix, somewhere else in Arizona or abroad. Here are just a few of the option we have.

Lake Pleasant

Lake Pleasant is close to the metro Phoenix area and provides outstanding visibility in the winter time and warm water temps in the summers. Lake Pleasant is a prime local dive location with a variety of dive sites ranging from beginner divers to advanced technical divers.

Lake Mohave

Lake Mohave is short few hour drive to just outside of Laughlin, Nevada and provides outstanding visibility year round. Lake Mohave has a variety of dive sites ranging from shore diving for beginner divers to deep wreck diving for advanced to technical divers.

San Diego, CA

San Diego offers you a great diving experience. The area hosts the best diving on the west coast in Wreck Alley, just a quick boat ride from the dock to the wrecks. Also within minutes of the coast is La Jolla cove which offers an amazing reef system running parallel to the coastline, covered with hundreds years old canyons and crevices to explore. The area also has the largest seven gill shark population in California among many other kinds of aquatic life.

San Carlos, Mexico

For those that want to venture south to the beautiful warm summer waters of San Carlos, Mexico, this is the place to be. With a 36' Newton dive boat at our command and the most professional, friendly crew in Mexico, you will certainly enjoy your scuba experience. Initial training dives will be in shallow water near beautiful world-class reef systems.